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Key features:

Cloud storage:

Access bookmarks from any browser & any device.

Neural analysis:

Timedesk analyses bookmarks and suggests tags.

Powerful search:

Type any keyword and get the right link found.

Bookmark groups:

Organize bookmarks in groups. Get structured data.


Get premium access to your links:

From any device

Even if you have few laptops, a tablet or a smartphone - favorite links are available from any device

From any browser

No need in syncing browsers. The necessary link is available from any browser. Even on someone's laptop

From any place

With Timedesk your links and important information is always at fingertips. No matter where you are


Feel the advantages:

Instant access:

Save your favorite links in Timedesk! You will never loose them, even if you change computer, operating system or browser.


Timedesk allows to access the right information from any location. Even if you're not at your computer or away on holiday. Now it's not a problem!

Links managing:

Few simple clicks and you can instantly save links and share them with friends in social networks.
Perfectly safe.


Every saved link is automatically tagged by smart engine. So since now it can be found in several different ways & even by associations like a mind map.

Data types:

Timedesk provides an easy way to access any type of file. Application sorts images, text documents like Word, Excel, PDF, videos even including Youtube & Vimeo.


You can easily import bookmarks into Timedesk. Similarly, you can always get your bookmarks out of Timedesk by exporting them as a HTML file.


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